About me

My style is forever evolving but I like to capture real emotions and real life. From a newborn baby filled with contentment when looking up at his mother to a little girl making the funniest of faces, I strive to photograph the expressions and moments you want to remember.

I have been married for eight years and have two small children. I hold a Master's degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor's in Psychology with a child development concentration. I love watching my kids play and laugh together. I'm addicted to coffee, long drives around town and the worst shows reality TV has to offer. I love having dates with my husband even if we only have time for one drink, a little conversation and nothing else. Turning the radio on and having impromptu dance (the sillier the better) parties with my kids make me happiest. Big, loud family gatherings with lots of laughter and good Cuban food are just my style. No glitz, no glam. Just real.